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About Dr. Alexander Brown

A Visionary Leader


Dr. Alexander Brown was a tenth grader in Birmingham, Alabama, when he became involved in one of the most prolific occurrences in the struggle for civil rights in the 20th century, The Children’s March.   The Children’s March tells the story of how the young people of Birmingham braved arrest, fire hoses, and police dogs in 1963 and brought segregation to its knees. In the spring of 1963, Birmingham, Alabama was the battleground for the Civil Rights Movement. Using word-of-mouth under a veil of secrecy, more than 4,000 African American schoolchildren organized to desert classrooms at exactly 11 a.m. on “D-Day,” May 2, 1963, touching off a week of mass demonstrations and rioting that shocked the nation. Police tried to stop them. Yet, the children prevailed. At the time, Brother Brown was sixteen years old in high school.  Against the school principal's orders, Brother Brown felt it necessary to take stand for the benefit of his classmates and African-Americans.  Brother Brown was the first student to get-up from the general school assembly and walkout to attend The Children's March; and the other students followed behind him.

Brother Brown experienced civil injustices firsthand in one of our nations most historical civil rights events.  From this event, he recalls the police, the police dogs, the beatings and he was personally sprayed with the fire hose. The trajectory of his life was changed as a result of his involvement. 


Later, Dr. Brown became the first recruit of Dr. Bernard Lafayette for the Selma March campaign in Birmingham. Dr. Brown was educated at Clark College (now Clark Atlanta) where he received his Bachelor's degree.  He then attended Virginia State University where he earned his Master's degree.  In 1975 Dr. Brown attended Indiana University in pursuit of his Doctorate degree which he eventually obtained in 1980.During his college years, he remained in daily contact with the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee or S.N.C.C. organizers by attending daily impromptu discussions and seminars.


After graduating from Indiana University with a Doctorate's degree, Dr. Brown became a professor of counseling at the graduate school at Prairie View A&M University.  With a burning desire for the advancement of African-Americans, Dr. Brown later served as the Assistant Director for African American studies at the University of Houston from 1989 to 1993 before changing departments which included University Academic Advisor and Coordinator of Academic Support for Student Athletes. Dr. Brown has achieved many awards and recognitions for his efforts and continued commitment for civil rights.  To recognize the 50 year anniversary of The Children's March, Dr. Brown was honored by the City of Houston for his involvement in the “The Children's March” and other civil rights contributions.  As a result, February 10th is historically marked as "Dr. Alex Brown Day" in Houston, Texas. Additionally, Dr. Brown also has received two city and mayoral Proclamations; one from the City of Houston and one from the City of Missouri City.

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